19. 06. 2017

Komuna Hall


The Department of Photography at the Higher School of Applied Sciences invites you to a day-long photography event, aiming to bring the various aspects of photography closer to the wider public, and to open up certain issues of the photographic image today. The varied program will combine exhibitions, workshops, a series of lectures and public debates, as well as socialising alongside good music.

Today, photography is irrevocably regarded as the most widely used visual medium, making the need for detailed understanding of it, in theory as well as practice, even more relevant. The photographic image is direct, efficient, associative, but also imprecise, misleading and potentially manipulative. That’s why the event will focus on the various aspects of contemporary photography, both in art and commercial use, theory and practice, publishing and curatorial practices, copyrights and advertising photography.

The department offices at the Higher School of Applied Sciences will host an exhibition by first- and second-year photography students, while selected works by third-year students will be featured at the Photon Gallery. A series of lectures and discussions with acclaimed authors and experts, as well as two practical photography workshops, will be held at Kino Šiška.

The detailed program of Foto-VIST will be revealed.

Curated by: Miha Colner, Petja Grafenauer

Co-curated by: Nataša Ilec, Primož Lukežič

Organisation: The Department of Photography at the Higher School of Applied Sciences in Ljubljana, in co-production with Kino Šiška and the Photon Gallery.

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