15. 03. 2018

Kino Šiška


where music and music publishing clash

TRESK is an annual festival of music and music publishing that brings together Slovenian labels, distributors and artists. With a wide range of events – the traditional Tresk music market, contests for music-related visual design, workshops and of course concerts – it puts the spotlight on the Slovenian alternative music scene and provides a networking platform for musicians, visual artists, labels, distributors, organizers, the media and, last but not least, listeners and fans.


This year’s edition of Tresk will feature two sound workshops at which the attendees will compile either a guitar fuzz effect or a transportable bluetooth speaker. The workshops will be led under the menthorship of Bachek Tubes from Bistrica ob Sotli and youth technological and research center Zavod 404.


The TRESK music market is a special opportunity for mostly Slovenian music publishers of all kinds – from underground labels to large distributers – to present their new and classic releases.



Grupa 92

Yugoslav New Wave legends Grupa 92 are back, and they’re pumping out passionate, elaborate sonic expressions of symptomatic manifestations of everyday life as if they never went away. Following a thirty-year hiatus, they’re bringing melancholy, explosive rhythms and unforgettable guitar ornamentation back to Slovenian stages!


Two men internet phenomenon Buraza burst onto the scene last year in a flurry of playful hashtags and too-ridiculous-to-be-true internet videos. They’ve since become the darlings of the country’s basketball team and the local tabloid press. Why? They’re dropping sentimental-sounding pop that – spiritually at least – even gives the aging rock star Vili Resnik a run for his money. Are Buraza a meme… or are the iconic pair veritable heralds of the future of Slovenian pop? Perhaps we’ll get the answer to this and many more questions when we see them perform live for the very first time, at TRESK #9!

Container Doxa

Container Doxa is a technocentric audiovisual ensemble that moonlights as a schlager group playing for tourists at a restaurant at the edge of the universe. Their rhythms contort, the bass jumps the track and the images accompanying their performances inevitably erode into pixels… and yet the Container Doxa crew effortlessly manages to ride the groove. Club hits, palm trees, free impro, new jazz and neon lights… that’s Container Doxa. At the event they will also be presenting their debut album, Less Than Nothing, which will be released by Radio Študent’s house label.


As rap’s efforts to be the sound of the new millennium continue apace, zero6teen are pouring fuel on the four-alarm fire that is the Slovenian (t)rap boom. The young members of zero6teen know how to put on a show… their rhymes recreate the vibe of Ljubljana’s dark back alleys, and every track they drop seems to be an assault on the established order of a genre they both define and are constantly trying to break free of.

KLUB K4, 16. 3. 2018

Mo Vibez

Sometimes it can take years for an artist to refine their sound. This is not the case for Mo Vibez, a producer who has recently garnered noteworthy attention regarding his unique style. Having completed some sessions at Red Bull Studios in Paris with none other than the legendary Evil Needle, Mo Vibez is quickly becoming a distinguished beatmaker in his own right. After putting out his incredible Vibeout Club EP earlier 2016, Vibez caught the attention of Owsla’s Josh Pan. Vibez brings something new with every release. In addition to his solo releases, the producer has collaborated with the likes of Dabow, Herzeloyde, and many other well-known producers.

Spejs Collective: Junker, kaluza8, Tschimy, Pinta & simon$ezdie

Spejs Collective will serve a hearty mix of footwork, trap, hip hop and any other bassy flavors they’ve picked up on their galactic travels from the deck of their space cruiser, which will touch down in the most famous basement in Ljubljana, Klub K4, on the second evening of this year’s TRESK.

.čunfa, Whynnel & Cookie

From the coast to city, from the streets to the club… from the roof to the basement (on Kersnikova Street, of course!) The three young princes of the Slovenian electronic scene are coming to rep their respective crews: Trite, Heroic/Loot the Poor and Trillity.

Organisation: Radio Študent in co-production with Kino Šiška and Klub K4.

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