13. 04. 2019 - 13. 04. 2019

Kino Šiška



In light of the 50th anniversary of Radio Študent, the 10th edition of Tresk offers two whole days of festivities, events at three different locations, all dedicated to the independent music scene. This year’s 10th edition of Tresk Festival, a festival that has over the years become international, marks the beginning of the Spring/Summer festival season of 2019. This year the calls for hedonism are imperative, spreading and reversing the logic: rave – eat – buy records – see concerts – repeat!


Cheb Gero (Akuphone Records, FR)

Drone Emoji (ŠOP Records, SLO)

FFX (Napp Records, Jet Jam, SLO-NL)

Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie (PDV Records, HR)

Jinho Jinza (God Bless This Mess Records, SLO)

KALU & The Gradient (Stiropor, SLO)

Lynch (SLO)

OYGN – MITO & YNGFirefly (SLO)

ŠećeЯ (Balkan Veliki, HR)

Teresa Rotschopf (comfortzone, AT)

& more!


AFTER TRESK #10 @ KLUB K4: GIBANICA x TRESK, 13. 4. 2019

The official afterparty of the concerts in Kino Šiška will continue in Klub K4 on Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana and at project Gibanica, which regularly supports Slovenian DJs, producers and musicians through club events and yearly compilations.

Blaž (Live) (SLO)

Terranigma (SLO)

Šuljo (SLO)


VJ: 5237 (SLO)



The TRESK music market is a special opportunity for record labels of all kinds – from underground labels to large distributers – to present their new and classic releases. This year we will feature local record labels and, beside them, some foreign independent record labels from France, Austria, Croatia and elsewhere. These are just some of the confirmed attendees of the representatives of local and foreign record labels:

Akuphone (Paris, FR) / comfortzone (Wien, AUT) / God Bless This Mess records (SLO) /  Geenger Records (Zagreb, HR) / Interstellar Records (Wien, AUT) /  Kamizdat (SLO) / KAPA Records (SLO) / low income $quad (HR) /  PDV RECORDS (HR) / Pozitivan ritam (Zagreb, HR) / Slušaj Najglasnije – Listen Loudest (Zagreb, HR) / STIROPOR (SLO) / ŠOP Records (SLO) / ZARŠ Records (SLO) / Moonlee Records & MORE



Our conference program will be devoted to the problems of small and medium-sized independent record labels. We will highlight the instability financial sources for record labels and how they have to adapt or acquire new financial resources. On the other panels the different ways of promoting artists and how different record label profiles approach this issue in different countries across Europe will be discussed. The last panel will be devoted to independent radio stations and their role in the media spectrum today with participants from France, Croatia and Austria.



Radio Študent and Tresk Festival open a yearly call for applications for designers and visual artists. They are invited to submit their album’s visual image, concert photographs, videos, music videos, posters for events and innovative approaches to music advertisements.

The result is an exhibition of the finalists in each category, chosen by a committee of local established designers and experts in the field of visual culture. The exhibition will take place in Kino Šiška during the festival and until the 21st of April with the annual presentation of awarded applicants.



The festival will feature two workshops – the first one will be organised by local beatmaker Andrija Šulić – Šuljo, who will work on the music-making and music production on smartphones and tablets through various apps. The second one, hosted by Vinilfabrika, “vinyl-factory”, will introduce various ways of analog sound recording. The attendees will also have the chance to make their own vinyl record with their own sounds, recorded during the workshop.


FRIDAY’S PROGRAM, 12. 4. 2019 @ HUB, ŠTUDENTSKI KAMPUS, Pivovarniška ulica 6

Do you miss real raves? We are bringing the rave back to its natural habitat – the warehouses and industrial buildings. The day before Kino Šiška will feature local propulsive electronic artists with an international guest,

Alleged Witches (Greyhound days, Meda Fury, SLO)

parrish smith (Dekmantel, L.I.E.S., NL)

Strahinja Arbutina (Low Income Squad, Natural Sciences, HR)

Warrego Valles (Kamizdat, SLO)



TRESK is an annual festival of music and music publishing that brings together regional and various European independent labels, distributors and artists. With a wide range of events – the traditional Tresk music market, contests for music-related visual design, workshops and concerts – it puts the spotlight on the lively alternative music scene and provides a networking platform for musicians, visual artists, labels, distributors, organizers, the media and, last but not least, listeners and fans.

Organisation: Radio Študent in coproduction with Kino Šiška and Klub K4.

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