31. 10. 2017

Katedrala Hall


+ Amaranthe + The Charm The Fury

Metal Halloween!

Why put on a terrifying mask on 31st October and settle for typical DJ parties, when you can take your mask to a metal concert with no problem?

In the end of October, Ljubljana will again be visited by folk melodic death metal group Eluveitie, one of the most renowned bands in its chosen genre. The Swiss group has captured the hearts of many all over the world with its genuine, ancient-sounding, yet still metal music. Its live shows are an absolute delight, as they aren’t just concerts – they’re true metal gatherings, full of headbanging, beer drinking and listening to loud music, ancient melodies and mighty rhythms tell tales of the times of ancient warriors, gods and others.

Eluveitie will be accompanied by the excellent Amaranthe, Swedes who hit hard with their great blend of epic power metal, intertwined with modern melodic death metal and even industrial sounds. The band was formed as a side project of the members of Kamelot, Nightrage, Dream Evil and Dragonland, has released several records, and boasts live performances full of energy, drawing on the contrast between a roaring male vocal and beautiful female singing.

The evening will be launched by the likewise hard-hitting The Charm The Fury.

Put on your mask and metal in your heart, and see you at the gig!

Tickets also available via On-Parole!

Organisation: KUD Dirty Skunks.

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