07. 02. 2019

Komuna Hall


+ Alleged Witches (DJ set)

Austrian trio Elektro Guzzi, who astounded us at the first MENT Ljubljana festival by playing techno live on a guitar, bass and drums, is coming back with a new album. Polybrass drastically expands and amps up the band’s sound with the help of three heavy-weight trombonists, also familiar from bands such as The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Sand and Zeitkratzer. The upcoming concert will of course feature the brass section as well.

Elektro Guzzi play techno. They don’t spin, mix or produce techno – no, the trio actually plays techno on instruments, without any computerized assistance. It might be hard to believe until you see and hear it live, but the erasing of the boundaries between analogue and digital, between live feeling and electronic precision, has been leaving audiences all over the world speechless since 2004.

On their new album Polybrass, released via Denovali Records on 26th October, the trio enhance their unique sound with a trio of esteemed trombonists. As one might expect from Electro Guzzi, the expansion isn’t just an addition of three instruments, but a transformation of conventional instruments into a coherent music expression. The music on Polybrass is mightier, more dramatic and at the same time more intimate, with soft textures wrapped around hypnotic repetition and an irresistible groove.

Before the stage is yielded to instruments, Christian Kroupa, an alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy, will warm us up with an extensive DJ set. His dark ambiental music expression has taken him all over the world, including to famous festivals such as Sónar in Barcelona, Dimensions in Pula and EMAF in Tokio. At Šiška, he’ll introduce us to his house and techno alter ego Alleged Witches, which was even included on the legendary London club Fabric’s compilation Fabric 90.

Tickets on sale online and at outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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