18. 05. 2017

Katedrala Hall


+ Igralom

This time around, the legendary Serbian band, widely recognised as one of the best and most influential regional bands of all time, will reaffirm its reputation with a live presentation of its latest release, the album Opet., described by as “another triumph by the most original band in the area of the former Yugoslavia”. Warming up for Disciplin A Kitschme will be one of the most interesting bands of the new Serbian scene, the self-described hillbilly afro-funk trio Igralom with a mixture of energetic Americana and West African music.

In the 1980s, Disciplin A Kitschme formed as a spin-off of short-lived, yet immensely influential group Šarlo Akrobata. Its tireless sonic exploration and pronounced rhythmic repetition have left an unmistakable mark on later generations of musicians, from Rambo Amadeus to Repetitor, enriching its own legacy with every new release and musical turnabout.

The latest such example is, in the words of Mladina, “the still uncompromising” album Opet. Group founder Dušan Kojić – Koja, due to his skilful handling of the bass guitar often described as the Balkan Jimi Hendrix, hasn’t lost his edge despite the group being deep in its fourth decade of operation, with his minimalist and intelligent slogans continuing to attack the passive structures of modernity. The current well-oiled band provides him with firm support, expressing his punk vision via a monstrously convincing hybrid of jazz, punk and psychedelia.

To get your feet moving and ensure the eclectic perfection of the evening, a young trio from Niš, Igralom, will perform in Slovenia for the first time. The group grafts blues and rock ‘n’ roll onto the West African way of playing string instruments, assouf, intertwining it with deep bass lines. The result is an energetic blend of different cultures, with the band, despite forming only in late 2015, having already released its debut album and shared the stage with acts such as Artan Lili, Matushka, Repetitor and, of course, Disciplin A Kitschme.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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