07. 01. 2019 - 27. 01. 2019

Kamera Gallery


solo exhibition series

In her work, visual artist Đejmi Hadrović exposes herself as a subject of the transition period, including her own and her ancestors’ stories with the aim of shaping new narratives and rethinking the establishment of meaning. By addressing her own position of pronouncement, she enables the revaluation of accepted social norms and ideological constructs.

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Đejmi Hadrović (1988) received her M.A. from Kunstuniversität Linz in 2016 and has been a PhD scholar at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna since 2017. She has received numerous awards and stipends, including the Förderungspreise der Stadt Wien award, and was also nominated for the OHO Award. She has participated in the KulturKontakt residency in Vienna and has received the Austrian Chancellery scholarship. Her work has been featured at numerous group and solo exhibitions both abroad and in Slovenia. She lives and works in Vienna. Her work is based on the theoretical elaboration of terms such as feminism, sexuality and gender in the post-Yugoslavian space, which she discusses through video, photography, performance art and installation art.

The Solo Exhibition Cycle is a series of exhibition projects in the upper lobby of Kino Šiška, prepared each year by a curator of the younger generation.

Curated by: Urška Aplinc.
Assistance: Andrej Uduč.
Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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