Visual Arts

12. 02. 2019 - 01. 03. 2019

Kamera Gallery

solo exhibition series


Until the End of Memory takes snapshots of the ordinary personal events of people from all over the world, shared publicly on social media, as food for thought on the impact of contemporary electronic technology on perception and autobiographical and collective memory. The project addresses the issues of how the digital society remembers itself when time, events and memories become the subject of technical (re)production, and which modalities of the collective and the personal are enabled by such an archive.

You can find out more about the exhibition here.

Dalea Kovačec (1993) is currently a postgraduate student of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO). In the 2016/2017 study year, she received the ALUO Award for a series of works in various media. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw as part of a study exchange. In her work, she is interested in the human perception; currently, she is focusing primarily on issues related to memory. Her solo exhibition Altered Diaries was featured at the DobraVaga Gallery (2018), and she has also participated in numerous group exhibitions and festivals at home and abroad, including Guest Performances at the Otwarta Pracownia gallery in Krakow (2018), So-delo-vanje at the Alkatraz Gallery in Ljubljana (2018), Made in China: Authentic Slovenian Art in Belgium at WARP in Sint-Niklaas (2018), Lighting Guerrilla: Colours in Ljubljana (2018), Abstrakcija je na koncu tvoje cone udobja at the Equrna Gallery in Ljubljana (2018), Papirologija II at the Media Nox Gallery in Maribor (2018), Mlada ženska umetnost v Šiški 1. del at GalerijaGallery in Ljubljana (2017) and Dvoriščno okno at the Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana (2016).

The Solo Exhibition Cycle is a series of exhibition projects in the upper lobby of Kino Šiška, prepared each year by a curator of the younger generation.

Curated by: Maja Burja.
Organisation: Kino Šiška.
Technical support: Zavod za kulturo Delavski dom Trbovlje.

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