13. 11. 2019

Komuna Hall


documentary film and audio-visual performance 

Following the premiere in France and Belgium, the international CON-FRONT project will also visit Kino Šiška with a screening of the documentary film Hey, Youth! and an audio-visual performance.

The international co-production project CON-FRONT brings together eight young Slovenian, Belgian, French and Macedonian musicians and visual artists. Under the guidance of Belgian musician Mathijs Bertel, they have prepared an audio-visual performance, with director Chiara Caterina also using the audio and visual images in the short documentary film Hey, Youth!.

The artistic creation focuses on the topic of wars and their consequences. The main role in the story is held by war refugees of the wars that took place 100 years ago and the ones that are taking place today. Both the documentary film and the audio-visual performance will be presented by the young artists at Kino Šiška. In addition to musician Samo Vovk and visual artist Neli Maraž, the project features musicians Joana Risteska, Martina Barakoska, Koen Quintyn and Baptiste Roger, and visual artists Loup Blaster and Aïlien Reyns.

Hey, Youth!, documentary film, 30’

Europe 2018. A hundred years have passed since the end of World War I. Eight young artists were selected to participate in a joint project, spending their time in Belgium, France, Slovenia and Northern Macedonia, retracing the paths of war fronts. World War I was the reason for millions of civilians migrating, causing the first refugee crisis of such extent in Europe.

Audio-visual performance, 40’

The various emotions that accompany people on the run from conflict are explored in ten acts, where history perfectly faces the present. CON-FRONT subtly intertwines field recordings, archival material, animation and video into a wonderful whole, supported by music that can be labelled as post-rock, electronic, neo-classicist and cinematographic. Boundaries fade away, genres melt, individual stories of the past and the present crystallise into a painful universal reality. History keeps on repeating itself mercilessly; what seems to have disappeared forever can become a burning issue again.

Participating artists:

Mathijs Bertel (BE): artistic director, violin (Ansatz der Maschine),

Samo Vovk (SI): electric bass, vocals, acoustic guitar (Perpetuum Jazzile, Kreativo),

Martina Barakoska (MK): drums, percussion (DUPER,King’s Peach, Emilija Slavkovska),

Joana Risteska (MK): electric and acoustic guitar (One, two, three – 103),

Koen Quintyn (BE): piano, electronics (Tessa Dixson, St. Grandson),

Baptiste Roger (FR): electronics (NUMéROBé),

Aïlien Reyns (BE): visual design (Tripot, Tracking the Subject),

Neli Maraž (SI): visual design (“Kristjan”, “What remains”),

Loup Blaster (FR): visual images live, visual design (“Al hurriya, Freedom”, DECAMPER),

Chiara Caterina (IT): director of the documentary film titled “Hey, Youth!”

Project website:

Free entry.

The European project is supported by the EU Creative Europe programme and the Le Fresnoy cultural institution from France.

Organisation: The Walk of Peace in the Soča Valley Foundation, Le Grand Mix (France), Muziekclub 4AD (Belgium), MKC (Northern Macedonia) and Kino Šiška.

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