25. 11. - 02. 12.

Multiple venues

10th edition


festival of contemporary dance

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The entire program of this year’s 10th edition of the international festival of contemporary dance CoFestival 2021 is announced, which will take place at various locations between 25 November and 2 December 2021.

With the abundance of non-contact time that has occupied our lives in the last year and a half, we decided to focus this year’s edition of CoFestival, the international festival of contemporary dance, on a particular contact and relational time, which in contemporary dance was named Movement Research about half a century ago. These interests did not arise out of thin air during the mentioned period but were for various reasons already studied by kinesiology from the second half of the nineteenth century onwards as we entered the modern era. Primarily for health reasons, to reduce the number of injuries and treat them appropriately, or to optimise the physical work of manual industrial production with insights into the motor skills of the body. But very soon, contemporary dance art and kinesiology started to make pacts, to (un)officially meet, inspire each other and assemble their different knowledge and competences in order to benefit each other. The time of experiences could not be accelerated, it required duration and in some cases even outpaced the development of technology, which could only confirm the analysis of such bodily experiences.

However, in order that movement research would become part of the works of art and their reception, a whole range of intentional and accidental situations, circumstances and conditions had to coincide in contemporary dance, which we cannot address here, but we will tackle them with our programme this year.

➤ fri 26. 11. at 8 PM CANCELLED: Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik: Carry On (2021), dance performance @ Kino Šiška
➤ sat 27. 11. at 9 PM Anna Nowicka: Flicker (2021), solo dance performance @ Kino Šiška
➤ sun 28. 11. at 7 PM Roni Chadash: Goofy (2016), solo dance performance @ Kino Šiška
➤ mon 29. 11. at 7 PM Yasen Vasilev: Impossible Actions (2021), performance @ Kino Šiška
➤ mon 29. 11. at 9 PM Sheena McGrandles: Figured (2018), performance @ Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana
➤ tue 30. 11. at 4 PM Infrastructure and Working Conditions, screening and discussion
 @ Kino Šiška
➤ tue 30. 11. at 8 PM Vito Weis: Bad Company (2021), performance @ NOVA POŠTA
➤ wed 1. 12. at 8 PM Christos Papadopoulos: Ion (2018), dance performance @ Kino Šiška

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Tickets can also be purchased with the BON21 voucher at the Kino Šiška box office from Monday to Friday between 3 and 8 PM or on the day of the event. You can read more about the requirements for using the voucher on the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia website.

When entering the venue during public cultural events, applicable public health regulations must be observed, including presenting required proof of recovery, vaccination or negative test result and valid ID document. As proof of compliance with the requirement, an EU digital COVID Certificate in digital or paper form, equipped with a QR code (text messages are not valid), may be submitted, or another certificate or proof in accordance with regulations, which the competent person shall verify by inspecting the submitted certificate or proof.

Organisation: Kino Šiška and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia

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