Visual Arts

23. 05. 2017 - 24. 06. 2017

DobraVaga Gallery

zine vitrine

Brina Fekonja & Robert Kuret: (Z)AMOR

zine exhibition

Within the framework of the Zine Vitrine exhibition series, visual artist Brina Fekonja and writer Robert Kuret will present their zine debut. (z)amor is a diary about how couples get on each other’s nerves. From silly questions to sad eyes, from being late to needing drama. Through short notes, quotes, anecdotes, drawings, photos and post-its, the authors reveal the funny-serious issues of their relationship, at the same time displaying sincere affection for each other.

Brina Fekonja (1989) graduated in Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She’s interested in how design affects the individual and the community. She’s a fan of animation, film, scenography and puppets, and likes to draw and take photographs.

Robert Kuret (1987) is a Professor of Slovenian Language. He writes reviews and essays. About films and books. He’s interested in the dynamics of desire in stories. Occasionally, he also writes poetry. He’s a member of the organisational committee of the Prebranec literary evenings. He likes football and passive characters.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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