24. 06. 2021

Kino Šiška



slovenian premiere

The main inspirational output for the creation of BESI is the topic of beauty. In the creative process the authors were dealing with the historical evolution of the perception of beauty and with the many questions that came from this quest: How do we understand beauty nowadays? What is truly beautiful today? What is the value of beauty in the times of relativized values?

Is the sense of beauty influencing the structure of society and human relationships? From these and similar questions, and mostly from the search for their answers the authors create a thematic mosaic – the core of the performance. A staging about beauty, but also about ugliness and the demons (Besi) inside of us that are capable of destroying it. One of the inspirations for the makers was Roman de la Rose – a French medieval poetry collection blooming with metaphors and allegorical settings, influential in creating the choreography and the visual aspect of the inscenation.

A contemporary dance journey of the renowned choreographer Milan Tomášik, his team and the international dance ensemble of Divadlo Štúdio tanca on the search for the essence of beauty. A winding road full of shortcuts, dead ends and sharp curves.

Artistic team:

Milan Tomášik / choreography

Jakub Mudrák / direction, dramaturgy and music

Ivana Macková / scenography and costumes

Ján Čief / lighting design

Dancers / the artistic ensemble of Divadlo Štúdio tanca

Tibor Trulik (Slovakia)

Michaela Mirtová (Slovakia)

Jason Yap (Malaysia)

Laura Carolina Garcia (Chile)

Bartosz Przybylski (Poland)

Julie Charalambidou (Cyprus)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Entry into the venue is permitted only with a negative PCR or RAT test result, a medical certificate of recovery or vaccination, in accordance with the instructions of the National Institute of Public Health and the decree in the Official Gazzette of the RS, no. 73, p. 4392/May 13, 2021.

Organisation: Kino Šiška

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