14. 06. 2018

DobraVaga Gallery



Prior to the exhibition Paragraphie at the DobraVaga Gallery, the Assemblage Atlas collective (Skopje/Amsterdam) will host a workshop where they will experiment with non-linear creation, montage and recirculation of knowledge through the act of collective reading.

While the Paragraphie exhibition tackles current issues of contemporary artistic practices and encourages new thought processes, the workshop will focus on the relation between institutions and artists. More precisely, it asks what type of institution we need today, what does giving space to artists mean in today’s context, and how can hierarchies be turned into supportive structures.

Questioning the position of institutions in their relation to the cultural workers, the workshop should not be perceived as classic institutional critique, but rather as an investigative apparatus, a methodology of spatial and political criticism and vocalization of the same. It is a process that can be applied when looking into other institutional structures outside of the art world.

Apply at: lara.plavcak@kinosiska.si.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.


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