12. 03. 2020

Katedrala Hall


+ Infected

One of the most exciting new bands on the regional music scene, Belgrade-based noise-pop quartet Artan Lili, are finally returning to Ljubljana. For their first gig at Kino Šiška, they’ll present fresh material off of their upcoming third album, as well as older hits from their excellent first two records. The show will be enhanced with visuals by acclaimed Serbian artist Izvanredni Bob, and we’ll warm up with promising local younglings Infected.

When talking about new music forces in the Balkans, Belgrade-based band Artan Lili is definitely one of the most often mentioned ones in recent years. Not just because one can feel the nostalgic spirit of ex-Yugoslavian gems such as Ekatarina Velika, Disciplin A Kitschme andObojeni program in the band’s music expression, but also due to their diligent work drive, an innovative approach to releasing albums single after single and with accomplished music videos, and above all – excellent music. Simply put, the band, founded in 2013, reveals a new part of itself with each new song, original, charged with youthful energy, and catchy, yet never less than finely crafted.

With such feeling and a clear vision regarding their music, it’s no wonder that Artan Lili have been a constant presence at the top of ex-Yugoslavian charts in recent years, as well as one of the hottest live bands. They’ve received plenty of praise from critics as well, including being awarded the inaugural Milan Mladenović Award for a Music Work of Exceptional Artistic Value for their song “D.E.P.R.A.” in 2019. The band, which features veterans familiar from groups such as Crvi, Stuttgart Online and Bitipatibi, are returning to Ljubljana with new material off of their third album, which has been coming out piecemeal since last year, and their show will be enhanced with visuals by Belgrade-based artist Izvanredni Bob. In the words of frontman Bojan Slačala:“An ideal opportunity to present ourselves to the Ljubljana audience in literally the best light!”

With their detailed conceptual performance, local five-piece Infected ruled the third season of our Špil liga high school band league in 2016, and spent recent years focusing on original material. They released their debut album Kolaž in December 2018, played the main stage of INmusic Festival in Croatia last year, and then got comfy in living rooms around Slovenia during their Tour de Kauch acoustic tour. They’re coming back to Šiška, where we last heard them warm up for Carnival Youth, with full power.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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