24. 02. 2019

Katedrala Hall


+ Karpov not Kasparov

In February, Amsterdam-based collective Altin Gün will open the door into the unknown, into a blend of Turkish tradition, Western funk and psychedelic rock that places the stated expressions into a completely fresh context. American radio KEXP was so overwhelmed by the band, it immediately recorded one of its famous sessions with them, while we were charmed by them live at the Beaches Brew festival. They’ll be joined by one of the most exciting Eastern European music exports, humorous synth-pop duo Karpov not Kasparov, who apply chess rules to music.

The international ensemble Altin Gün combines musicians of Turkish, Dutch and Indonesian descent, which is felt in the music as well. It was formed by bassist Jasper Verhurst after he heard 1960s and 1970s Turkish psychedelic folk rock and artists such as Baris MançoSelda BağcanErkin Koray and the “Turkish Bob Dylan” Neşet Ertaş during a trip to Istanbul. After returning to Amsterdam, he gathered a group of musicians and set about updating the Turkish musical heritage for new generations.

What came out was a devilishly delicious meeting of two previously unconnected sonic worlds, of the past and the present, enticing listeners with the rich Turkish musical heritage, naughty Western funk and world music boldness. As recommended by Europavox“All this is best experienced by witnessing their live show. Utterly danceable, and infused with a sense of mischief, they have an infectious energy and enthusiasm that doesn’t take long to transmit itself to your limbs. The music they draw on was always meant to be music of the people, and Altīn Gün are returning these lost treasures to where they belong.”

Chess or music, you can play both. If you ask Romanian duo Karpov not Kasparov, even the rules are the same. The rhythm of the drums and the psychedelic pulse of the vintage synths are dictated by chess moves and strategies, with the match result always masterful dance-inducing tunes with an Oriental tinge. We first met the band at last year’s MENT Ljubljana festival, their debut album Soundtrack for a Game of Chess was declared Album of the Month by Vice, and the vocal edit of the records is regarded as one of the best electronic releases in Romania in the last 30 years. Checkmate!

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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