Liveurope’s Digital Tour

09. 05. 2020

It’s Europe Day, and as the tradition goes, we are joining forces with the other Liveurope venues to celebrate it in music!

The Liveurope venues may be currently closed, but our urge to support emerging European artists reach new audiences is stronger than ever. At a time when touring across borders is no longer possible, we want to continue bringing you the talents who are blowing new life into the European music scene right in the comfort of your home.

For the sixth consecutive year, we will proudly celebrate Europe day through music, culture and creativity. As part of our annual celebration dedicated to new European talent, we will be doing what we know best: working together as a platform of 16 venues to boost the new European talent of tomorrow –  only this time we will be doing it digitally.

Starting next week, we are joining forces with our members to showcase some of the most promising new artists from our continent. Handpicked by the bookers of our venues, these artists embody what makes our European music scene so diverse and unique. So keep an eye on this page and on our social media accounts (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00 am) to discover some of the artists that are shaping the future of European music.

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Turn the volume up cause the first artists embarking on Liveurope’s Digital Tour are here!

Maria Arnal in Marcel Bagésa folk duo from Barcelona, are one of the biggest promises of the Spanish music scene.

During their live sets, Maria’s soulful voice and Marcel’s absorbing guitar are known to steal and elevate the spirits of those present. This certainly explains why they have an impressive track record in selling out some of Spain’s main venues.

Selected by Sala Apolo.

Walking On Riversan indie-folk band from Dortmund.

Widely inspired by the Ruhr region, their folky tunes often evolve into catchy pop gems that open up into polyphonic arrangements and enrapture the listener.

Though they have only been around since 2015, the troup has already done quite some touring and have played in some of Germany’s most renowned clubs and festivals.

Selected by FZW.

Coline et Toitoinea young electropop duo from Brussels that is gonna take you on a journey through colourful sounds.

The two friends started playing together in their bedrooms only two years ago and since then have been slowly conquering the hearts of the Belgian public with their energising beats

Selected by Ancienne Belgique.

Široman imaginary folk trance drone band from Slovenia.
The trio has an original form of expression fluctuating between a broad range of Slovenian folk sonorities and contemporary acoustic rock meditations. Listen to one of their tracks at and keep an eye on our social media as we will be announcing more artists in the next days

EXTRA TIP: the trio will play a live set on Kino Šiška’s interactive stream series tomorrow (19 May) at 21:00 CET. More info:

Selected by Kino Šiška.

Bratři –  the techno twin brothers who quickly became one of Prague’s most popular live actc. Jiří and Ondřej are both drummers with love for electronic music and modular synthesizers. Their music has a diverse sound where melodic, beat oriented songs are a striking blend of acoustic drums and electronic samples.

Selected by Palác Akropolis.

The Polish singer, producer, musician and real stage volcano INA WEST.
Neatly combining classical instrumentation with a dance beat, her music creates a trance-like atmosphere with a mix of new wave electronica with elements of modern Polish folk and jazz. Her work can be best described as a crossover between the minimalist chill from Depeche Mode’s early sounds with the concert energy of Die Antwoord. 

Selected by Stodola.

Fado Bichathe Lisbon-based duo who are forcing traditional Portuguese fado ‘out of the closet’.
Their subversive music often features LGBTI-themed stories, such as a fisherman’s love for a fishmonger, the desperation of a gay dancer locked up in a psychiatric hospital and the pride of a transsexual woman who became a figurehead for LGBTI activists. Since 2017, they have performed over 150 concerts in Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium.

Selected by MusicBox.

Дeva, a DIY solo project by the 19-year-old Budapest based musician, Dorina Takács.

Дeva’s atmospheric smooth sounds, pulsating bass lines and polyphonic mantras are seasoned with Hungarian lyrics. Her solo project aims to knock down barriers between different genres of music and make our spirits soars.

Selected by A38.

Bartleby Delicate, Luxembourg’s incorporation of modern folk music combining traditional songwriting with electronic sounds of the present.

Bartleby’s tunes are made of philosophical phrases, fingerpicking and electronics which coincides to what has been described by listeners as calming and healing music.

Selected by Rockhal.

Next up on Liveurope’s Digital Tour: Fata Boom, a far-from-ordinary trio from Amsterdam.
FATA BOOM started out in 2016 when an established Dutch producer met a young singer, whose identity remains a big mystery until today. Since then, the trio has released several trippy electro-hip hop-extravaganza hits and have ‘blown the roofs off’ of several venues in their home country. 

Selected by Melkweg.

Rounding off the Liveurope Digital Tour is an emerging gem from the Norwegian pop scene: Closing Eyes.
Their sound can be best described as a crossover between post-modern pop with everything from classic indie to 60s pop and bossa nova. The result is a unique sort of sugary pop songs that mostly deal with relationships and lost time. 


Selected by Blå

On the occasion of the past Europe Day, we teamed up with other venues of the Liveurope platform to launch a digital tour with 11 up-and-coming European artists. Handpicked by the bookers of Europe’s hottest venues, these artists embody what makes our European music scene so diverse and unique.

The virtual showcase may now be over, but it has resulted in an eclectic playlist which is available on Spotify and Youtube. Check it out:

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