18. 10. 2018, Kino Šiška

As many as 53 highly varied zines by international authors were submitted to this year’s ZINE 4 VITRINE | 4th International Zine Open Call, organised by Kino Šiška and the DobraVaga Gallery. This proves beyond a doubt that contemporary DIY culture is an important part of creativity and our everyday. The zine’s appeal lies in the possibility for anyone to understand and explore it in his or her own way. Zines therefore occupy an important position in the variety of various stories and our understanding of society.

After thorough review, reflection and discussion, the selection committee, composed of Lealudvik, visual art duo and art zine authors, Jasna Jernejšek, curator and researcher of photozines and photobooks, and Lara Plavčak, art historian and head of the ZINE VITRINE programme, selected the To so korale zine by photographer Lucija Rosc for the exhibition project at Kino Šiška and for zine co-production in 2019. The authors of the zines A poodle in the sky (Daria Tommasi), TENKS (Jaka Juhant), Vse moje smrti (Peter Ferlan), and Neimenovane notranjosti (Neža Perovšek) will be invited to participate in solo exhibitions at the DobraVaga Gallery as part of the ZINE VITRINE programme in 2019. In addition, the jury decided to award honourable mention to the zines nabiralka (Tilyen Mucik) and V vetru se ziblje (Maruša Račič) due to quality of execution and originality.

We thank all of the participants for sharing their exciting projects and a glimpse of their own work with us, and invite them to the DobraVaga Gallery, where all the open call zines are already on display in the ZINE VITRINE reading room collection, where they will continue to be available for visitors to leaf through.

Selection committee explanation:

Lucija Rosc, To so korale (2018)

The To so korale (2018) zine features a series of nine analogue underwater photographs of corals in the Indian Ocean. With its small format and direct content, it emphasizes the medium of books as a world the reader dives into. In doing so, the focus is on the visual impact of the colourful underwater life, with the analogue photography adding a sheen of distance and otherness. The execution of the humble idea of photographs of corals in the form of a zine shows great understanding of both photography and zines, with the author bringing the two together in a comprehensive whole.


Neža Perovšek, Neimenovane notranjosti (2018)

The Neimenovane notranjosti (2018) zine is a collection of everyday snapshots of dark rooms, recorded by the author as a visual diary. The shadow play and the objects in the dark, which extend into the living edge of the open pages, expand the smallness of the zine on black paper into the surrounding space.


Daria Tommasi, A poodle in the sky (2018)

The A poodle in the sky (2018) zine explores potential Riso printing techniques through the story of a poodle in gender-free hairdressing, where all breeds are welcome and all dogs wonderful. The gentle transition of the two-colour print is utilised primarily in the drawings or photographs of fluffy hairstyles.


Jaka Juhant, TENKS (2018)

The TENKS (2018) zine is distinguished by bizarre humour, direct jokes and memorable collage figures, featured naked in almost extreme poses. The expressiveness of the self-portraits addresses the topics of physicality and sexuality within the context of the author’s personal experience of contemporary entertainment culture.


Peter Ferlan, Vse moje smrti (2018)

The Vse moje smrti (2018) narrative zine combines the stories and illustrations of all the deaths that affected the author during his life, from unfortunate cacti and film drownings to the departure of beloved people and the memory that remains behind them. Despite the heavy topic, the zine retains a jocular note, with its sincerity enticing the reader to reflect on his or her own experiences.


Honourable mention:

Maruša Račič, V vetru se ziblje (2018)

Tilyen Mucik, nabiralka (2018)

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