03. 07. 2020

International zine open call (3. 7.–21. 9. 2020‬)

In its fifth year, the DobraVaga Gallery is again inviting artists to participate in the 6th International Zine Open Call.

Zines are booklets, most often self-published DIY releases, printed in limited editions and with low production costs. They have appeared as an essential medium of certain subcultures in the past century, from sci-fi fans to punk. Today, they differ according to the variety of functions, production and appearance, remaining present as an ever-evolving form of communication and expression of collective and individual identities. The zine’s appeal lies in its tactility, simplicity, directness and experimentation.

The zine selected from the received submissions will be featured in an exhibition at Kino Šiška (supported with an exhibition fee in the gross amount of 300 Euros), including zine print coproduction in the agreed amount (up to 30 copies). Other outstanding zines will get the opportunity for a solo paid exhibition within the ZINE VITRINE programme at the DobraVaga Gallery. 

The submitted zines will be reviewed by a committee of artists and curators active in the field of zines. The committee is composed of Project Manager and DobraVaga Gallery Manager Anja Zver, last year’s open call winner Matic Pandel, trained painter and zine expert Leon Zuodar, and ZINE VITRINE exhibition curator Alin Kostiov. 

Submissions should include:

* the author’s name, surname, contact (e-mail), website (optional), social media profiles, if they present the author’s creative work (optional);

* the name(s) of the zine author(s), zine title and year of issue;

* a short description of the zine or project (500 characters with spaces).

You can send the zines via post to: Galerija DobraVaga, Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 5, 1000 Ljubljana (marked: ZINE VITRINE), or bring them to DobraVaga during opening hours. The authors will be notified of the results in October 2020 via e-mail. All received zines will be included in the ZINE VITRINE public reading room at the DobraVaga Gallery and published on the ZINE VITRINE website. Received zines will not be returned. For any additional information, write to:

Submission deadline: ‪21 September 2020‬

Organisation: Kino Šiška/DobraVaga

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