ZIN3 VITRIN3 laureates!

11. 10. 2017, Kino Šiška

As many as 35 highly varied zines by international authors were submitted to this year’s ZIN3 VITRIN3 | 3rd International Zine Open Call, organised by Kino Šiška and the DobraVaga Gallery, proving that this paper DIY medium is extremely current. Each author understands and explores it in their own way, and it thereby occupies an important place in today’s culture of creativity and the diversity of all kinds of stories.

After thorough review, reflection and discussion, the selection committee, composed of Nevena Aleksovski, visual artist and author of art zines, Barbara Beškovnik, culturologist and Slovenian zine scene historian, and Lara Plavčak, art historian and head of the ZINE VITRINE programme, selected the Four eyed monster zine by art duo LEALUDVIK for the exhibition project at Kino Šiška and for zine co-production in 2018. However, as the submitted zines included several intriguing projects, the authors of the zines Élasticité (Tisa Neža Herlec), Fukaj lokalne kurbice (Teja Miholič) and Paragraphie (Asemblaz Atlas) will be invited to participate in solo exhibitions at the DobraVaga Gallery as part of the ZINE VITRINE programme next year.

We thank all participants for sharing their exciting projects and glimpse of their own work with us, and invite them to the DobraVaga Gallery on Friday, 13th October, at 6 PM for the opening of the ZINE VITRINE X TINTA | Ukmukfukk Archive: The Hungarian Zine Scene exhibition. At the occasion, we will also display all received zines in the ZINE VITRINE reading room collection, where they will continue to be available for visitors to leaf through.


Selection committee explanation:

LEALUDVIK, Four eyed monster, 2017

With their Four eyed monster zine, art duo LEALUDVIK exhibit the evolution of the zine’s potential as a classic and simultaneously contemporary graphic medium. Through virtual reality, they enhance the precise succession of original colour photographs and graphic symbols, blank spaces, and photocopied silhouettes that create the nostalgic materiality of the page through the blackness of the raster. With the aid of a free mobile app, certain pages are enriched with GIFs that bring the pair’s intimate performances and rituals to life. Their work draws on the exploration of the body, sexuality, occultism, true crime and the horror genre. Through the disintegration of gender roles, they divulge their world from a female and a male perspective, discovering affection through role playing, horror, pleasure and pain.

Asemblaz Atlas, Paragraphie, 2017

In the Paragraphie publication, the Asemblaz Atlas collective explores the possibilities of non-linear creation and passing on of knowledge. Through several months of dialogue, three artists designed their own methodology and a publication of original and found material, tackling current issues of contemporary artistic practices. By juxtaposing the themes of feminism, contemporary art, productivity, curatorial practices, audiences, institutions, collectivity etc., it opens up new connections and encourages the formation and circulation of different thought processes.

Teja Miholič, Fukaj lokalne kurbice, 2017

In the Fukaj lokalne kurbice zine, author Teja Miholič documents the images of everyday online life that are screaming for our attention with their absurdity, explicit content, poor grammar and naïve design. In the form of a zine – a clickbait collection –, the promises of sex, wealth, health, personality quizzes, conspiracy theories and shocking news thus recreate the archive of an individual’s experiences in the contemporary world.

Tisa Neža Herlec, Élasticité, 2017

In the Élasticité zine, author Tisa Neža Herlec collects and draws lost hairbands she found on the streets of Dijon during a certain period. Through such urban meditation and original drawings, the succession of pages recreates the melancholy of good and bad gathering days, and brings to mind the intimacy of an object such as a hairband, whose owners and their stories remain unknown.

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