26. 04. 2016, Kino Šiška

Quantum Music is a project with the aim to explore the connection between music and quantum physics through the creation of a new art & science experiment resulting in live performance. The project presents quantum physics and the quantum world to a wider audience and contributes to the creation of a new musical/scientific genre – Quantum Music.

Quantum Acoustics is the meeting point of two completely separate worlds: the world of everyday physics and the world of quantum physics reality. Bose-Einstein Condensate is the state of matter in which strange phenomenon occure: quantum particles actually interact with gas molecules creating the miracle of sound. If some small, quantum ear could exist during these experiments, it would be capable of hearing some sensation – a quantum sound! So, not only that this is the only point within the quantum physics wonder-space that interacts so directly with our reality, but this interaction come through the aesthetically very interesting phenomenon called sound, an audile experience that interacts with our inner being through music directly.

We will explore the possibilities of interactivity, creative communication between these two usually distant worlds. Interface algorithm for this sound & light media transformation will be scientifically based and inventively shaped, introducing new music genre – the Quantum Music!

Innovative Concept

In short, the idea is to use an interface – two hybrid-piano instruments  both acoustic and electronic possibilities specially designed for this project, “playing  to  the  atoms”  via  technology  and  study  the  quantum-acoustic response that atoms produce. This project has a multimedia character because the frequency bands of sound and light will be researched by using technologies such as holograms, lasers and a kinect.

By means of experimenting we would like to challenge most significant examples of different musical genres (from Bach to present day popular music). In addition to the existing music that will be performed recognized composers from all over the world will have a special opportunity to compose new, premiere music for hybrid instruments and atoms.

This research ought to produce a completely new method for analysing music, the history of music and the history of many existing aspects of our world. Part of the project would be artistic and educational, in the form of a multimedia will give new insights into the connection between the macro and micro world through the study of different vibrations that can be influenced by creatively aimed human intervention.

Belgrade partners from the scientific field  will  provide “piano-sound to electric-signal  interface  “capable  of  delivering  signals  of  any  required  frequency  range and format needed for the excitation of atoms within the Bose-Einstein condensate structure. Oxford scientist will use those signals to produce Bose-Einstein’s  quantum  effects  that  can  produce  an  acoustic  response. The  acousticreaction that is generated in such a way, within the world of quantum reality, willthen be restored in the form of audio and video signals.

The new and original Quantum Music project presents the first little bold steps towards investigating sound, music and art, as the matter we are all made of.

How does it work?

Music, and sound in general, at a physical level can be viewed as waves of pressure, in which small packets of air compress and expand at a particular rate known as the frequency of the wave, that we perceive as a note. Waves appear in many contexts in physics. Mathematically, wherever there is something that regularly repeats in time, it can be expressed as a wave and this similarity between sound and quantum mechanics forms the basis of our attempt to create music from quantum mechanics, converting the probability waves from quantum mechanics into audible sound waves.

Instead of using the hi-fi system to listen to music, we are going to change the sound using a quantum system: so, instead of using wires carrying the signal in and out, the quantum system will use light and small number of atoms, whose behaviour is governed by quantum mechanical laws with much more complex effect on the sound. In this way, we hope to hear something that’s genuinely novel, and has never been heard before, because it will be based on truly quantum mechanical effects.

We will enable audience to listen to quantum music directly via Quantum Instrument. Coherent superposition is the most specifically quantum phenomena (Schrödinger’s cat). When a quantum system is in just one state, the sound of the oscillation will sound like a pure tone at some frequency. A quantum system in a superposition of states at the same time will vibrating at multiple frequencies, thus the sound produced will be a chord. This system will be simulated on a modern computer, with parameters rigged for control by two (e.g. MIDI) keyboards, such that pressing the keys changes the sound.

Project objectives:

– Exploration of possibilities for connection of music art and quantum physics science.

– Production of Concert for Two Pianos and quantum particles, with usage of high-end science/audio/video/multimedia/interactive technology for live performance production, recording and postproduction process.

– Analysis, from both scientific and artistic point of view, of material gathered through exploration process and concert recording.

– Development of completely new, first ever scientifically approved quantum based music genre, Quantum Music.

– Exploring possibilities for further theoretical exploration and practical usage of gained knowledge.

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