30. 08. 2017, MENT Ljubljana

Yeah!! ? We’re super excited to announce that next week 2 Slovenian acts are playing the 3rd edition of the MMW.

Lifecutter​ & Haiku Garden​ @ Moscow Music Week​!

If you happen to be in Moscow, do join us:
– Sep 8th: New New World Radio Showcase | MMW 2017
– Sep 10th: Неродной звук showcase | MMW 2017

more about the acts:

Haiku Garden

Haiku Garden is definitely one of the most convincing young bands in Slovenia at the moment. Their recipe is not a simple one, but it works. The main ingredient is shoegaze, coated with a hefty dose of indie and seasoned with a unique blend of dream pop and noise rock. They crash through guitar walls with infectious melodies, while the psychedelic pop atmosphere is heightened by floating, echoing vocals. They first took to the stage in 2015, ran the Club Marathon (yearly young acts tour promoted by Radio Student), and then released their first EP, “Waver”, via KAPA Records. During their live performances the band is draped in visuals, with sound and image creating a true psychedelic experience.


Domen Učakar, the man behind this electronic adventure, is far from being a novice in the field of musical exploration. His journey is long and varied: he began his music career in local hardcore punk, indie rock and electro-pop bands. His versatility is evident, as demonstrated by his collaboration with long-time friend Neven M. Agalma in the prolific and creative duo Ontervjabbit. Lifecutter creates music with a variety of guitar effects and synthesizers, avoiding and side-tracking generally accepted song structures. Leaning on noise, he draws inspiration from different deviations of electronic music, especially of the techno variety. He moves between analogue and digital, creating a brooding atmosphere with various industrial inputs, or sneaks up on the club dance floor and takes it down an unexpected path. The music thus goes from looping minimalism to sonic saturation, breaking down or driving onwards in fresh new four-on-the-floor forms, or casting aside conventional rhythm and pulsating in oscillation.

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