11. 10. 2017

Katedrala Hall

15th anniversary of KUD Zvočni izviri


At the 15th anniversary of KUD Zvočni izviri, famed percussion wizard Zlatko Kaučič is returning to Šiška with yet another treat for fans of free jazz improvisation! He’ll be accompanied by two of his combos – first by Kombo C, then by Kombo B, with which he’ll present their latest, fifth album Rock mi Monk, alongside video projections by Špela Lutman.

In 2002, KUD Zvočni izviri was established under the guidance of acclaimed drummer, percussionist and 2011 Prešeren Fund Award recipient Zlatko Kaučič. The Zlatko Kaučič School is home to the Kombo instrumental group of talented young musicians, who have created numerous projects and released five albums (Zvočni izvir, Skriti kotički svetlobe, Biči, Zvočna polja za T.S. and Hramo) over the past 15 years. Among others, Samo Šalamon, Vid Drašler, Jošt Drašler, Marko Lasič, Gal Furlan, Vitja Balžalorsky, Marek Fakuč and a number of other excellent musicians studied at the school.

The music is creative and original, leaning towards multidisciplinary creativity and the potential for mastering all musical languages. Kombo has collaborated with globally acclaimed musicians such as Herb Robertson, Javier Girotto, Emanuele Cisi, Bruno Cesselli, Ares Tavollazi, Massimo de Mattia, Alexsander Balanescu and others, receiving rave reviews at home and abroad.

“The album Biči proves that this small jazz orchestra is among the best Slovenian jazz ensembles.”Mario Batelič, Muska

“A fantastic band!”Alexander Balanescu

KOMBO B lineup:
URBAN KUŠAR – drums, percussion
ŽIGA IPAVEC – drums, percussion
TOMI NOVAK – drums
MATJAŽ BAJC – el. bass, acoustic bass, el. effects
PETER KASTRIN – el. guitar
JAN JARNI – el. guitar
JURE BORSIČ – alto saxophone

Video projections: ŠPELA LUTMAN

Special guest: BOŠTJAN SIMON – sonic chef

KOMBO C lineup:

AJK VREMEC – el. guitar
ANTON  LORENZUTTI – el. guitar
MIMI VREMEC – el. bass
TOMI NOVAK – drums

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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