06. 10. - 05. 11.

DobraVaga Gallery

ZINE VITRINE x TINTA | Agate Lielpetere: Take a Ride With Me

zine exhibition

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“Limouzine” is a visual wordplay with the words limousine and zine. It is a witty sneak peek into a premium limousine chauffeur’s day of business in the form of a comic. The accordion-type format used in the zine puts emphasis on the stretch car (limo) and the even more stretched day of the driver, as the full length of the zine when open is as long as a person with medium-length arms can spread them.

Agate Lielpetere (1995, Latvia) is a visual artist and illustrator, living and working in Ljubljana. She graduated in Arts and Humanities (Graphic Arts) from the Art Academy of Latvia. So far, she has held three solo shows in Riga and Ljubljana, as well as participated in numerous international group exhibitions. Interested in the irony of life, Agate claims her “bad sense of humour” runs in the family.

Organization: Kino Šiška / DobraVaga

Free Entry.
6. 10. – 5. 11. 2021 @ DobraVaga

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