25. 03. 2018

Komuna Hall

slam jam vol. 3


+ Walking Dead on Broadway + Vasectomy + Morywa

Šiška demolition in March!

Within Destruction is a slamming deathcore band whose roots reach back to 2010 and Jesenice na Gorenjskem. Following the successful release of Void (2016) and a busy year, they’re unveiling their latest album Deathwish.

Walking Dead on Broadway, a German deathcore band from Leipzig, known for its energetic performances, has been destroying stages since 2009. The band’s discography encompasses two critically acclaimed albums to satisfy ears in need of heavy, brutal rhythms.

Vasectomy, established in 2011 in Murska Sobota, left their mark with the Blood Stained Chains EP. They represent a conglomerate of death, groove and thrash metal, with blood-tinged shows another of their calling cards.

Morywa, the pioneers of contemporary djent sounds in Slovenia, were formed in 2013. Their debut album Vamana Ira, recognisable by its down-tuned guitars and plenty of heavy, groovy riffs, ensures chaos and unrest beneath the stage.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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