20. 09. 2017

Komuna Hall

Willi Dorner: ONE

The starting point of the production One (2016) by one of the most renowned Austrian choreographers Willi Dorner is the methodologically ascetic, so-called one-word and concrete poetry of Austrian visual artist and poet Heinz Gappmayer (1925-2010). Through Gappmayer’s poetry, Dorner creates a hybrid genre choreographic landscape, in which signs, letters, numbers, objects, bodies, graphic shapes, lines and dots enter into intricate duets.

We might say that we witness the unfolding of a choreographic landscape (a time-space shape) in which concrete material qualities, shapes and their semantic substitutes establish various relations. The production of the performance, as well as its film product, is made evident to the spectator through separate media. This is the reason why the spectator’s viewing regime is faced with two simultaneous tasks, where s/he has to make artistic decisions. This choreographic equation, formula or un-equation is disclosed as an organised choreographic algebra to which the spectator is supposed to assign the element that Joseph Kosuth in his installations from the 1960s understands as language, discourse or dictionary definition.


Koncept in koreografija/Concept and choreography: Willi Dorner

Izvajalca/Performers: Esther Steinkogler, Chris Owen

Scenografija/Stage design: Eric Klaering

Video: Adnan Popović

Glasba in oblikovanje zvoka/Music and dound design: Dieter Kovacic

Produkcija/Production: Stefanie Reichl, Emanuela Panucci

Also includes entry to A P N E A and mono(p)LES.

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Kino Šiška, Katedrala Hall, 20th September 2017, after the performance A P N E A

Sic!, discussion: Disassembling the view

Debaters: members of sic! and audience.
Discussion parameters: performances One and Grind, playfulness, serendipity, changing perspectives, playing with formats.
Task: play.

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