08. 04. 2021

Kino Šiška


online concert

We’ll be streaming a gig by Ljubljana-based music collective Wckd Nation, whose characteristic jazz-pop sound quickly established them as one of the most exciting young bands in Slovenia and helped them conquer local radio waves.


Wckd Nation explore new shapes and sounds of jazz-pop, tastefully intertwined with hip-hop beats, contemporary soul, experimental R&B and 1970s funk guitars. Since their first releases in 2018, they’ve performed at home and abroad, including acclaimed festivals such as Tallinn Music Week, MENT and Lent.

Their songs are among the most played tracks on the Slovenian national radio, they’ve been proclaimed one of the most interesting Slovenian groups, and they were also nominated for a HEMI Music Award. They’re coming to Šiška after a successful start to the year, with their collaboration with rapper Vazz topping the list of the most searched for songs on radio Val 202.

WCKD Nation invited their friends Jan and Tim, the main actors of the video COME OVER, COME BY, who will lead the concert and make sure that you could interact with the band during the live stream event.

The hidden weapon are two guests: the Slovenian rapper Jacob Mark Cavazza – Vazz and trombonist Denis Beganović.

Due to current public health regulations, the concert will take place only via direct payable stream on the Entrio platform, viewable on any smart device.

On the day of the event you can purchase tickets until 9.40 p.m.

*We encourage you to buy family ticket, if you will be watching online concert with your family or friends. Sure, we will not know whether you are watching it by buying just a single ticket, but you will support the artist in greater extent with family ticket.

Special remark: artist, besides the fee, receives most of the online ticket sales. Support local creativity and local scene.

Organisation: Kino Šiška

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