31. 05. 2019

Katedrala Hall


Vojko V (aka Vojko Vrućina), the rapper and music producer from Split, whom we know as a member of Dječaci and Kiša Metaka, again decided to set sail in solo waters last year. Everyone sort of expected a quality album, but no one dared imagen the incredible phenomenon Vojko became. The first single off of the album Vojko, “Ne može”, caused a frenty, with the titular phrase becoming a part of our neighbours’ everyday slang and the euphoria splashing across our border as well, as Vojko’s humour and performance were more than well received at the recent Antivalentinovo show in Ljubljana. In October, Vojko sold out Dom Sportova in record time, with never-ending praise bestowed upon the concert – some media even declared it the show of decade.

Vojko V makes hard-hitting beats with trap mannerisms, bestowing extremely humorous rhymes from the Split and the broader Croatian reality upon them, though giving a wide berth to politics. He first performed in Ljubljana towards the end of September at Gala Hala, then tore the stage up again with a great show at Antivalentinovo at Cvetličarna. At both gigs, the Slovenian audience gave him a warm welcome – those who were there know what we mean. You either get Vojko’s great humour, or you don’t. His sayings have been adopted by fans in Slovenia as well.

Vojkomania is far from over – he has received a total of six nominations for the Croatian music prize Porin, for Best Album, Best Club Music Album, Male Vocal Performance and Graphic Design, with the hit “Ne može” nominated for Song of the Year and Video of the Year. He’s currently already working on new material.

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Organisation: Mars Music d.o.o.

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