27. 09. 2021

Komuna Hall

Ventilator #4: digital 1.5.3

study / installation

The project digital 1.5 is a series of five performative events exploring touch. Each event is an attempt to read and experience the world haptically, employing digital logic to approach the physicality and to practice intimacy with each other. The selected group of bodies establishes contact with other bodies in space – bodies of performers, the body of the space, the sound body and the bodies of technological objects.

The latter are an increasingly important interface of our exchange with the world. Using them, digital 1.5 questions the mediatization of closeness. By applying the solid digital logic of the devices and their software to the soft organic bodies of people it speculates about humans, who are not only a source of information but also a device for processing and storing data.

Touch in digital 1.5 is a way of communicating and a tool for meeting the other; it is digitized data and a medium of transmission at the same time. The project builds on the idea of ​​the medium as given by Y. Citton in his book ‘The Ecology of Attention’. Citton describes the media as diffuse ecosystems, which do not solely represent reality but actively shape it. Thus, an ‘infrastructure of resonances that condition our attention’ is formed according to the ideas that ‘surround and fill us’. In this respect digital 1.5 is not looking for a loud performative gesture but tends to establish a space of visibility, or in Citton’s language, an environment of resonance for the increasingly marginalized and during the pandemic also transgressive practices of closeness and touch.

Tickets: 2 € walk-up @ Kino Šiška Box Office (until 21:30) 


Artistic direction: Jan Rozman
Performers: Leon Marič, Jan Rozman, Mojca Sovdat
Music: Luka Seliškar
Costume design: Tanja Pađan / Kiss the Future
Video documentation: Juš Jeraj
Photo documentation: Nada Žgank
Executive producer: Brigita Gračner
Production: Zavod Sploh in co-production with Kino Šiška

Ventilator is a four-year author cycle with four stages of development. Each year it gives an opportunity to a selected author, duo or group to develop their creative potential, which crossover and connect the musical and performing arts field. Ventilator introduces new creative approaches to the expression of music-dance-performance. The introduction of new creative approaches in expression is the program credo of the Sploh Institute, which, through all its activities, deals with experimenting with content and forms. The program of the Sploh Institute highlights innovations in the understanding of a work of art, different relationships between structured form and improvisation, a thoughtful relationship with space and the audience, new methods of producing performative, etc. Also through the Ventilator project, Institute Sploh remains faithful to uncompromising creative design. The title suggests ventilation, airing, fluidness of content, themes, combinations, forms, techniques, modes of presence, modules, authors, performers, gestures and sonority. This enables exceptional creativity, originality, responsiveness and openness in creation. It will scaffold untested combinations (of authors, performers, artistic styles and techniques), which provide liveliness, experimentation and open new horizons.

This year, Jan Rozman is developing his authorial potential as part of Ventilator.

Ventilator project is a part of the Neodvisni project.


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