08. 11. 2017

Komuna Hall


+ Miha Peterlič

Vasko is an institution of the non-institutional, subcultural music scene in Macedonia. He has been active for two decades as a promoter of non-profit concerts and roadie DIY tour, as well as a member of Bernays Propaganda, XAXAXA, FxPxOx, PMG Kolektiv and other bands. He’ll be joined by local acoustic grunger Miha Peterlič.

Last year, Vasko Atanasoski began his solo career, with his first first solo LP Pazi Kuće released on 11th October via his own label Balkan Veliki and Croatian label Geenger Records. The album features guest appearances by Kristina Gorovska, the singer of Bernays Propaganda, and legendary bass player Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges). Expect an honest dose of original expressiveness, musical imagination and communicative humour.

In his music, Miha Peterlič combines acoustic grunge with all-out riffs amid a torrent of words: taking the genuine human voice that we all carry and infusing it with various influences, Miha folds this dialogue into punchy songs that disrobe our daily lives. He started performing as a solo artist in March 2016, touring various venues across Slovenia as part of Radio Študent’s Club Marathon later that year. He also performed at this year’s MENT Ljubljana.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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