Visual Arts

13. 05. 2021 - 02. 06. 2021

DobraVaga Gallery

Artist per Month

Urša Rahne: Urša Rahne: Cross If You Dare


As part of the fifth anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, multimedia artist Urša Rahne is presenting the video installation Cross If You Dare. In it, she explores the notion of transgression through the content and layout of the installation itself. The installation features two videos of surrounding residents, their behaviour and mutual interactions that the author filmed during her time in Belgrade. The footage of apartment building balconies and their diverse occupants questions the boundary between public and private, while the literal crossings of the city’s traffic chaos and dangerous road crossings offer a reflection on the functionality of the legal regulation of capitalist society, which still seems to be dominated by the rule of the stronger.

Urša Rahne is a multimedia artist, currently based in Ljubljana. She is interested in documentary and art photography, video art and film. She draws inspiration from her everyday surroundings, connecting them to the social and political issues of contemporary society. 

Organisation: Kino Šiška / DobraVaga

Free entry.

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