Visual Arts

27. 04. 2018 - 22. 05. 2018



exhibition at Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt

Artists Nevena Aleksovski, Simon Kocjančič, Zoran Pungerčar, Leon Zuodar will come and charm everyone at Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt.

Copy art has a long and vivid history of artistic experimentation and playfulness in duplicating the visual, being closely linked with zine culture and DIY movements. But to sloppy copy in the contemporary culture of high-resolution photos at every step, and turning to old reproduction media, such as Xerox and the risograph, in the digital era, offers a new viewing experience. The joy of “mistakes” and the infatuation with mechanical mishaps, lines and details getting lost in the transmission, the different rhythm of rasters, the fullness of colour depth or the graphic contrast of black-and-white artwork, invite the spectator to observe closely while being affected by the feeling of materiality and traces of the entire artistic process. It represents faith in the forgotten, the minor, the imperfect, the yet-to-be-examined and re-invented.

The exhibition of zine artists from Slovenia as part of Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt 2018 is organized by the DobraVaga gallery and the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture from Ljubljana.

Curator: Lara Plavčak
Design: Zoran Pungerčar
Organized by: Kino Šiška and Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt

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