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Frogs is an exhibition of humorous short comics by Dora Kaštrun, featuring two frogs. They spawned this spring at VigeVageKnjige. With their frog logic, they tackle the world through wordplay and wisecracks. They do everything people, pardon, frogs do. Go on holiday, gather mushrooms and lie in front of the TV. The eternally disappointed penguin Marko lives nearby, occasionally wondering whether it makes sense to wait for death. Luckily, he has the frogs at his side and they manage to keep him busy through their playfulness.

Dora Kaštrun (1994) is an M.A. student of illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She has been drawing her whole life – both for fun and for real. She is interested in illustration, comics and animated films. She has held two solo exhibitions and several group ones. Last year, she received the Goethe Institute award for the visual accompaniment to artist Marinella Senatore’s Song for Ljubljana, as well as an honorable mention for Best Album Cover at Tresk Festival at DobraVaga. Her graduation thesis animation Fish Soup was screened at the Animateka Festival.

Organization: Kino Šiška / DobraVaga

Free Entry.
6. 10. – 5. 11. 2021 @ DobraVaga

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