Visual Arts

10. 01. 2020 - 28. 01. 2020

Kino Šiška



Artists: Zemira Alajbegović / Neven Korda, Martina Bastarda / Mateja Ocepek / Nataša Skušek, Cym / Luka Dekleva / Luka Prinčič / Jodi Rose, Ana Čigon / Leja Jurišić / Teja Reba / Barbara Kapelj, Nika Ham, Neža Jurman (Nez Pez), Danilo Milovanović, Katarina Rešek (KUKLA), Sašo Sedlaček, Maja Slavec.

The group exhibition presents a selection of ten video works from the archive of the DIVA Station. They were made in different periods and within different contexts. The works, diverse in style and content, can be connected on three levels. They share the placement within the urban area of Ljubljana and her city edges. They share the specific usage of sound in dialogue with the visual, and above all, they share the questioning and violation of rules and restrictions. The selected works represent independence, mischief, rebellion.

Curators: Vesna Bukovec, Peter Cerovšek

Free entry.

Organisation: SCCA-Ljubljana and Kino Šiška.



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