07. 12. 2020

Kino Šiška


online stream of live composition via Kino Šiška YouTube

We invite you to witness live composition, created and performed by Katja Legin in collaboration with artists Nina Rajić Kranjac, Zala Dobovšek, Branko Hojnik, Jurij Konjar and Tomaž Grom.


– we came on stage, we first saw each other then. And we came on stage and we bowed. Maybe he even said something… and then we stood there and did nothing. Shit. We didn’t agree about it before, it just was..
– how long?
– whole… whole half an hour
– the whole gig?
– yeah, whole gig. And we did nothig, not me and not him
– cause I kept waitning… I was thinking what’s gonna happen now what’s gonna happen now. If I do this…i wanted to lift my bass, but I said no, I’ll wait a little bit more. But then when I once waited a bit too long, than I couldn’t anymore. I simply froze. And I didn’t find the reason anymore.
– for anything
– I went over it. And than we stood.
– and it was uncomfortable
– (silence)
– and it was pretty uncomfortable yeah. I was quite uncomfortable cause I kept thing about how… about this moment when I stil could, but it went over. And I said shit now… now we’re here. Here, I’m looking at the people and they’re watching me and we know that. This is it. No more. That’s how it seemed.”

“I decided to talk about instant composition with Nina Rajić Kranjac, Zala Dobovšek, Branko Hojnik, Jurij Konjar and Tomaž Grom. I was interested to hear their thoughts, but also maybe to improvise, compose together.

On the 29th of Sep I met with Zala. This was the first conversation. Where do you see a potential in dance/stage improvisation? We were thinking if Zala could write her impressions/thoughts while watching an event of instant composition. Next day I spoke to Tomaž about his experiences in improvisation. In a week, similarly so with Jurij. Jurij shared his personal story that starts in 2010/11 with me. It made a strong impression. It stayed with me. Few days later, in a meeting for another project, I started thinking and talking about people that were important on my creative path. These people also stayed with me in the next period.

On the 24th of Oct I sent an email to the whole group. I proposed that each of them prepares a short composition that artistically articulates their current interests. In a phone conversation with Jurij about this proposal, he expressed a wish to include Zala in his work. On 5th of Nov I spoke to Branko. We were thinking about empty spaces, absence. He decided to invite Grega (Zorc) to do something together on the topic. In a phone conversation with Tomaž similar or even the same topics were mentioned: absence, emptiness, body/object in emptiness. Next day I had a Skype with Nina about improvisation. We also talked other topics. (Self) trust in creative process was one of them.

Nina mentioned her unpleasant experience of a piano concert. A day after, I cut out the part about this experience from our talk, sent it to her and suggested to include piano in her material. And singing.

Around those days I also spoke to Nataša (Živković). I was asking her about the people that were important for on her path (because she was on my list). I also had a phone talk with Jurij. I told him that I link physicality, body, movement, dance to him. Next week I listened to the recorded conversations on improvisation. I realized I’m choosing parts that are personal, that speak of life stories.

On the 15th of Nov I had a meeting in Kino Šiška about techincal aspects of the event. In the afternoon I sent an email to Branko writing that I would also like to talk to him about improvisation. He suggested next week. Nina started sending me materials form Vilnius. Location of the recodings is a theatre were they are working on a performance. Banko is also part of that process. When I called Zala to check her availability on the 7th of Dec, she tells me that she is on a trip to Katarina (hilltop close to Ljubljana) with Jurij. I hear his voice in the background. In about a week they met in a studio for the first time and started a creative dialogue. The same day I asked Nina to have another skype, so I could brainstorm ideas about the event in Šiška with someone. Zala starts sending me documentary materials.

On the 21st of Nov the team in Vilnius (Nina Branko, Tomi) is brainstorming with me about the title and promotion text for the event- about what I’m writing in this very moment and what you are reading right now. And becasuse you’re here, I can invite you to connect to the online stream on the 7th of December, when this story will be tied.

Than I will tell what Nina, Zala, Branko, Jurij and Tomaž told me. I’ll show the fragments/compositions they created.

At 9.30pm we head on a journey, in empty Kino Šiška. Over the screen and live.” – Katja Legin

Live stream is free of charge. 

Idea: Katja Legin

Creators and performers: Katja Legin with artistic guests: Nina Rajić Kranjac, Zala Dobovšek, Branko Hojnik, Jurij Konjar, Tomaž Grom

Artstic advise: Tomi Janežič

Executive production: Petra Hazabent

Production: Studio for the research for the art of acting

Co-production: Kino Šiška

Supported by: City of Ljubljana

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