10. 02. 2020

Kino Šiška

presented by Metal Hammer Germany, Impericon


+ special guests: CARNIFEX, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, I AM

On 10 February, you’ll witness the return of the killer Australian band Thy Art Is Murder, presenting their latest album Human Target.

Thy Art Is Murder are, as befits their name and genre, brutal, aggressive, sound heavy and dark, and are a tornado live. They’re like an assault by the Terminators in the first two (and only “true”) parts of James Cameron’s Terminator. Why the reference? Firstly, because of the title of the album Human Target, secondly because of the cover art for the album, and thirdly, because of a verified fact – Thy Art Is Murder have already performed in Slovenia (many year ago) and showed us how it’s done!

But they’ll have heavy competition – American deathcore outfit Carnifex also have a new album out, titled World War Xin light of the global situation. Carnifex themselves sound like the soundtrack to the apocalypse, like a million rockets leaving their siloes and raining death and destruction all over the planet within a few minutes. Just like the Australian headliners, the American band is mighty and powerful, and doesn’t let up live. Just remember their show at Kino Šiška many years ago, oof!

It’s a great joy that Americans Fit For An Autopsy are also part of the tour, deathcore heavyweights who are simply excellent and destructive, with their guitarist Will Putney one of the most important producers on the scene, having also worked with our local slammers Within Destruction.

The concert will be opened by Texans I Am, who play groove metal described as “Texas Death”.

10 February is Deathcore Day! Don’t miss this spectacle!

Tickets available now at and at On-Parole outlets 

Organisation: Dirty Skunks.

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