10. 12. 2018

Katedrala Hall


At their most recent visit in May 2016, the “genius clowns left a mighty impression on the audience” (Radio Študent) and treated us to a “perfect Tiger Lillies evening” (Delo) with their cheekily bizarre cabaret. Upon their return in December, these unique Grammy nominees will present the sinful and debauched scenes off of their newest album Devil’s Fairground.

The world of the Tiger Lillies is dark, beyond compare and varied, suffused in moments of deep sadness, cruel black humour and boundless beauty. The punk-cabaret entertainers formed in 1989 and are regarded as one of the most special and provocative bands today, deftly blending the darker aspects of life, vivid storytelling, twisted humour and circus theatricality in their music.

At each of their three visits to Šiška so far, the godfathers of alternative cabaret left behind an enthusiastic, satisfied audience, and we expect nothing less in December, when they’ll present their second album this year, Devil’s Fairground. The record centres on the hedonistic early years of the band in Prague at the beginning of the 1990s, at the transition of this exciting town from Eastern past to Western future. The tales of eccentric townsfolk, alcohol and drugs, excess and riots, obviously fit the Tiger Lillies like a glove, and as usual, we can also expect older fan favourites and audience requests.

Tickets sold out.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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