18. 09. / Wed / 19:00

Kino Šiška



Ljubljana film premiere (83 min)

ticket 6.66 €

As part of the 10th anniversary of Kino Šiška, we’ll host the Ljubljana premiere of the latest feature film by Tomaž Gorkič, a black comedy that features many familiar face from the Slovenian acting and music scene.

The Curse of Valburga is a politically incorrect black comedy feature film with an abundance of violence and blood. Inspired by the horror/slasher films of the late 1970s and 1980s, it aims to stay true to the horror genre of the time, providing its viewers not only with shock and tension, but also fun and entertainment. Amovie from horror fans for horror fans!

The self-taught director and screenwriter Tomaž Gorkič is the author of numerous short films, but gained widespread recognition with the Idyll (2015) feature film, the first true Slovenian horror movie. the film has received numerous Slovenian and international awards, including for Best Picture, Best Male and Female Supporting Roles and Best Set Design at the 18th Festival of Slovenian Film.

The film premiere will feature thematically appropriate accompanying events, as well as a screening of Gorkič’s short films following the film premiere and discussion with the cast and production team.

Production: 666 Productions in Strup produkcija
Director and screenwriter: Tomaž Gorkič
Director of photography: Nejc Saje
Music: Blue Detective, Jani Mujić
Set design: Zoran Lesjak and Gregor Nartnik
Costume design: Sebastijan Nared, Katja Rosa
Actors: Jurij Drevenšek, Marko Mandič, Saša Pavlin Stošić, Niklas Kvarforth, Luka Cimprič, Žiga Födransperg, Tanja Ribič, Jonas Žnidaršič, Katarina Stegnar, Grega Skočir, Ondina Kerec, Zala Djurić Ribič, Neža Blažič, Barbara Ribnikar, Matevž Loboda, Anton Antolek, Leja Jurišič, Veronika Valdes, Marcel Lejko, Manca Dečman and Davor Klarič

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: 666 Production, Strup Production and Kino Šiška. The event is part of the 10th anniversary celebration of Kino Šiška.

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