10. 12. 2019

Katedrala Hall

Tadej Droljc: Beambreaker

audiovisual performance

“It was as though the rules of time or space had been created only so that they may be constantly broken. But within the apparent chaos it seemed that everything has a logical sequence. This was one of those moments when we got goosebumps due to the sensory intensiveness we were experiencing.” (A. Rodriguez) || “The music and the quantum images, so scientifically probable and yet so indescribable they could only be explained with religion. Whatever happened, we believed.” (Xavier Puig) || “For the reader of the comment, at least for a few moments, I would like to produce at least the moment that makes it clear we witness the forming of a cosmis space, whose ‘morphing’ in front of us shaped a basic feeling of the birth of matter. With his parameters, he influenced how we see cosmic materiality… Techno poesis!” (Dragan Živadinov)

After having concluded his PhD studies on the subject of “audiovisual escapology” and presented a series of intriguing, multiple-award-winning audiovisual compositions all over Europe, Tadej Droljc is returning to Slovenia.

In coproduction with the osmo/za consortium and Kino Šiška, he has prepared a new audiovisual piece Beambreaker, which he will premiere in Kino Šiška’s Katedrala Hall. The composition for a laser, light, projection and sound builds an audiovisual object that is based on the tight synchronisation of the visible and the audible. The limitations that audiovisual reciprocity places on each medium create intermodal tension and a tendency for liberation. Droljc seeks its possibility in the intermodal decay of objects into freer audiovisual percepts, where the space-time synchronisation is replaced by more poetic bonds. The inter-modal drama of entrapment and emancipation within and from the medium has been the stage of Droljc’s composing in recent years – a practice he himself refers to as audiovisual escapology.

In addition to Beambreaker, Droljc will also present two other projects: his solo audiovisual piece Capillaries Capillaries (2017) and Synspecises (2019), a project with Elias Merino.

Dr. Tadej Droljc is an interdisciplinary artist, active in the field of electronic music, computer-generated audiovisual compositions, and other forms of intermedia art.  In 2019, he concluded his PhD studies of audiovisual composition at the Centre for Research in New Music at Huddersfield University (UK), where he taught computer composition during his studies. In recent years, he has received numerous international awards, including the Edigma Semibreve Award, the Lumen Prize Student Award, the Lumen shortlist, the Madatac Most Promising Video Artist award, the Denis Smalley scholarship in electroacoustic music, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia post-graduate studies scholarship. His work has been featured in festivals all over the world, including the famed Ars Electronica, L.E.V. Festival, Marche du Film (Cannes Film Festival), Semibreve, Node, Sonica Glasgow, Brighton Digital Festival, Madatac, Inter BEE Tokyo etc.

Beambreaker, Capillaries Capillaries: Tadej Droljc

Synspecies: Elias Merino (musical part) and Tadej Droljc (visual part)

Production of the piece Beambreaker: osmo/za (Ljudmila Association, Projekt Atol Institute, Delak Institute)

Coproduction: Kino Šiška

Special thanks: Tilen Sepič, Matic Potočnik, Katja Goljat, Dan Adlešič, Portorož Turist Board, Borut Jerman, Marko Vivoda

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Organisation: the osmo/za consortium (the Ljudmila Association, Projekt Atol Institute and Delak Institute) and Kino Šiška.

The project is supported by the Department for Culture of the City of Ljubljana, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. The project is part of the EASTN-DC network, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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