Visual Arts

02. 03. 2020 - 20. 06. 2020

DobraVaga Gallery



In the new edition of the FRESH FISH commercial exhibition, we are focusing on drawings and their role in various media. The featured artists include drawings in their work in innovative ways, where the drawing does not serve as the starting point for a piece of art, but is rather placed at the forefront and therefore acts as an independent medium that passes into paintings, prints, collages and zines.

The artists work in the fields of illustration, graphic design, painting, photography, and video, which leads to the heterogeneity of the artistic expressions on display. By intertwining approaches, techniques, and media, the exhibition questions the limits and the multilayered role of drawings in contemporary artistic production, while simultaneously offering a fresh overview of the work of local artists of the young and middle generation.

Free entry.

Organisation: Kino Šiška. 




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