20. 11. 2017

Komuna Hall


+ Auf Wiedersehen

Belarussian acolytes of the post-punk heritage of Joy Division, last year’s MENT Ljubljana attendees Super Besse, are coming back with a fresh new album, dedicated to night-time adventures in those pleasantly gloomy late hours. Beforehand, we’ll be greeted by Belgrade electro rock ‘n’ roll band Auf Wiedersehen, which released one of the best albums in the Balkans last year.

“In Super Besse, you can find a little Bernays Propaganda, Joy Divison and The Cure, as well as more refined electronic beatbuilders such as Kraftwerk,” wrote Radio Študent about the Belarussian trio’s 2015 debut, with the group adhering to similar sonic aesthetics on the album’s successor La Nuit*, released on 13th October. Once again, they used primal post-punk and coldwave elements and punk spirit to construct a modern tribute to the past, steeped in the melancholy beauty of the long nights of today.

Super Besse honed their live show in clubs and festivals all over Europe, from Tallinn Music Week to Europavox, wowing reviewers and the general public with their exciting, powerful performance. Among others, they won over John Robb of cult medium Louder Than War, who even released their debut album, then lost no praise after seeing them live again at MENT Ljubljana a year later: “They manage the rare trick off making an intense, emotional, dark wave pop into a powerful and effective whole and yet create a perfect 21st century noise and sound and look for the now just like Joy Division did all those decades ago when I saw them on the cusp of their legendary status.”

In their minimalist dance rhythms, Serbian group Auf Wiedersehen blend electronic sounds and rock ‘n’ roll guitars, strong grooves and characteristic energy. Live, they’re known for surprising with improvised detours, while their self-titled 2016 debut made it into the company of releases by bands such as Repetitor, ABOP and Cojones on the regional end-of-the-year best-of lists.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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