17. 10. 2018

Katedrala Hall


In October, Mark Kozelek, better known as Sun Kil Moon, the author of the contemporary classic album Benji and one of the most remarkable personas in 21st century indie music, will finally perform in Slovenia, just a few weeks before the release of his new album.

American singer and guitarist Mark Kozelek launched his musical career towards the end of the 1980s as the founder of one of the most acclaimed slowcore groups of all time, Red House Painters. Following its dissolution in 2001, he continued making music as Sun Kil Moon, first a band, then increasingly his own solo project. After several excellent albums, for example Admiral Fell Promises and Among the Leaves, Sun Kil Moon released the exceptional Benji in 2014, one of the best albums of the year according to more or less all relevant media – Pitchfork even declared it one of the best 100 albums of the decade so far –, which established Kozelek as the voice of modern folk songwriting.

The hyper-productive musicians, who has signed his name under as many as 27 albums during his 30 years on the scene already, of course continued making music after the success of Benji. As Sun Kil Moon, he released another two great records, Universal Themes and Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood, as well as two collaborative efforts with Justin Broadrick’s (Godflesh) experimental band Jesu. He also carried on writing albums under his own name, including a self-titled double album this year. In November, Sun Kil Moon will release its ninth album, This Is My Dinner.

Regardless of how he signs his songs, Kozelek’s music is distinguished by lucid, often bitingly honest lyrics bordering on stream of consciousness narration, simple yet accomplished instrumental arrangements, and a characteristic, somewhat haunting baritone. Kozelek is justifiably regarded as one of the most remarkable musicians of today, and his October visit to Šiška with Sun Kil Moon is truly not to be missed.

Tickets on sale online. There is also a discounted package ticket available that includes entry to the Natriletno kolobarjenje s praho concert in our smaller venue on the same day. The package ticket prices are as follows: 22 € presale, 25 € at the door, 17,6 € discounted. You can buy it here.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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