23. 01. 2019

Komuna Hall


+ Eine

In the days leading up to the fifth MENT Ljubljana festivala, two of its familiar faces will pay a visit to Šiška. First, Croatian Ivan Ščapec, the founder of Vlasta Popić and Seine, will present his most intimate side, the Eine solo project. Afterwards, Serbian indie folk group Stray Dogg, beloved by Devendra Banhart, will play their brand new album Look At The Moon.

Serbian indie folk project Stray Dogg evolved in 2011 around singer-songwriter Dukat Stray, with listener’s immediate approval leading to the band, then as a trio, warming up for Michelle Gurevich (Chinawoman) and Scout Niblett within a few months. What’s more, their charming approach to Americana, warm and full of love even in its gloomier moments, won over American musician Devendra Banhart, who appeared on the band’s second album Fire’s Never Wrong.

The heavily praised group first played in our city during MENT Ljubljana 2016. This time around, they’ll present their latest album, Look At The Moon, which was recorded in 2018 with the help of crowdfunding. The successful Kickstarter project was of course also backed by Devendra Banhart,. We’ll hear what it sounds like live in January.

Ivan Ščapec is Eine. He’s also Seine and he was also Vlasta Popić. As the founder of the latter, the noise pop protege of Moonlee Records, he released a couple fo the best regional indie albums. After the band’s dissolution, he withdrew into the intimacy of the folk-noise project Seine, first as a solo act, then a trio, now a duo. With Seine, Ivan again released one of the best regional albums of the year, 2017’s Sno sna. When warming up for Repetitor in Gala hala this summer, Seine was so lit the building next door actually caught on fire! But every once in a while, when everything becomes too loud, he withdraws even further, into the completely solo project cleverly titled Eine. A project with no serious ambition, intended for quiet rooms and gentle attention. Into a room, where he’s truly – Ivan.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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