Visual Arts

13. 08. 2020 - 12. 09. 2020

DobraVaga Gallery


Srcozlom: h e a r t b r e a k


Srcozlom is a collective project by Instagram users who have had, have, or suspect they will have their heart broken. Through a combination of texts and photos, it attempts to encompass the feelings of sadness caused by love problems, rampant capitalism or the unavoidable climate apocalypse.

Srcozlom was launched on 20 March 2019 as a comforting profile for a heartbroken friend. Soon it became clear that others need solace as well. Srcozlom became a support group for broken hearts, publishing the most heartbroken messages, as well as organising therapeutic sadmeets and therapeutic group alcoholisation sessions with music. 

Free entry.

Organisation: Kino Šiška/DobraVaga

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