22. 11. 2021

Komuna Hall

Spilt Ink | Kontrabantarji


In November, the Slovenian comics scene will be enriched by Kontrabantarji, a comic book that combines poetic elements with elements of Westerns. The story is set in the Poljanska Dolina valley at the time of the Rapallo Border, when smuggling flourished there. Due to the general crisis in the 1930s, large debts or gambling away their farms, many of the locals decided to take up this risky venture or were in a way even forced into it. The comic book is thus based on real events, and it does not lack for tragic yet poetic fates, tense night-time scenes and action.

Comic books and smuggling will be discussed by: comics artist and musician Martin Ramoveš, who distilled this exciting story into the black-and-white comics world, Janez Ramoveš, poet and co-author of the script, and Peter Kisin, writer of the accompanying text. The discussion will be moderated by Pia Nikolič.

Organization: Kino Šiška and Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana.

Free entry.

Spilt Ink is a series of lectures and discussions about comics with experts and fans of this artistic discipline, in preparation for the next edition of the Tinta comics festival at Kino Šiška in October 2022.

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