12. 01. 2018

Komuna Hall


third gig

At the third gig, we’ll hear three new bands, as well as the young Ljubljana-international band In The Attic, returning to Špil liga after two years. The newcomers will be represented by Dolenjska rockers Bajta 23 and Ljubljana funk rockers Garlik.

The two winners of each evening are selected by the expert jury and the audience, which votes by sending SMS messages. The SMS voting lasts for 15 minutes after the final performance. In the meantime, the jury ranks the bands from first to third place.

After 15 minutes, the SMS vote result is in. In case the jury and the audience rank the same band in first place, the band that was ranked second by the expert jury advances to the next round.

The expert jury, which monitors the bands from the beginning, is composed of Toni CahunekŽiga Klančar/Jernej Sobočan and Klara Zupančič.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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