08. 10. 2021

Komuna Hall


Welcome to Mopcut, layered, noisy, all-pervading ecstasy of noise rock, free jazz, free improv, electronic music, all at the same time.

MOPCUT is Lukas König, Audrey Chen, and Julien Desprez. Their objective is a construct of noise and sounds that completely envelopes the listeners and has an equally as intensive impact on the ears as on the inner eye – that’s how Audrey Chen, Julien Desprez, and Lukas König describe their trio project MOPCUT, which celebrated its premiere at donaufestival Krems (AUT) in 2018. Their improvisation abilities transcend all genre borders. Lukas König utilises his drums, synthesizer, and voice; Julien Desprez plays electric guitar; and Audrey Chen overlays the sounds from her analogue synthesizers with ecstatic extemporised vocals.

Audrey Chen (Usa) – voice, analog electronics

Julien Desprez (France) – electric guitar

Lukas König (Austria) – drums, synthesizer

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Audrey Chen – vokal, analogna elektronika
Julien Desprez – električna kitara, efekti
Lukas König – bobni, sintetizatorji zvoka

»Mopcut aim at minimalism or maximalism, depending. Improvisation, noise and electronic beats work well as backgrounds.(…) With its lo-fi electronics, the album “Accelerates Frames of Reference” is mostly zany and playful, but with darker, visceral explorations such as “Hail Shaft”. A tightly disciplined yet exuberant set of performances.« – The Wire

»The trio Mopcut were catharsis alone. Therapeutic destruction in the form of noise, improvisation and electronics, which intensified by the end of the evening with Audrey’s extensive vocal expression« – Radio Študent

»Accelerated Frames of Reference, the debut album of this trio, lasts only 32 minutes but you have to be in top shape – mental and physical one – in order to fully comprehend the series of ultra-accelerated sonic events that MOPCUT keeps creating.« – The Free Jazz Collective

Performances by Audrey Chen and Lukas König are made possible by the Shape platform, co-financed by Creative Europe.


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