06. 09. 2019

Komuna Hall


+ Ledeni + TrashGang & Nimaš izbire pop-up

Smokeasac, a musician and the producer of the tragically gone Lil Peep, is coming to Slovenia! At an exclusive show at Kino Šiška he’ll play not just his own songs, but a selection of songs off of Lil peep’s posthumous album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 as well. The evening will be opened by the pioneer of trap in Slovenia, Ledeni, and the festival mood will be completed by a pop-up market by Slovenian designer labels TrashGang and Nimaš izbire with DJ accompaniment.

The joint path of Smokeasac and Lil Peep began in their early teens, when the latter purchased a beat for one of his songs online from the former. They lost touch for several years after that, until running into each other in Los Angeles, where they each moved to pursue their dreams of making it in the music business. They realised they’ve actually met before, started collaborating and developed a close friendship – at the time of Lil peep’s death, Smokeasac was even his flatmate. Smokeasac’s revolutionary production blend of rock and rap helped Lil peep achieve global stardom and become one of the most prominent voices in contemporary emo rap, with several hundred million plays on Spotify and YouTube alone and his posthumous record Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 climbing to the top of charts.

Following his friend’s tragic passing, Smokeasac his solo career, releasing his first single, the powerful Leave You Behind, in November 2018. At Šiška, we can thus expect completely new material, as well as Lil peep’s hits.

Emorapper Teddy is now co-joining Smokeasac on his Wasteland tour!

Teddy keeps his castle reigning on the fusion of emo revival, pop punk, trap beats, acoustic samples, post hardcore lines and grungy otherworldly sounds. His musical career boomed by collaborating with names such as Rich The Kid, Lil Peep and ILoveMakonnen. Recently he also collaborated with Smokeasac himself. You can listen to their song Dead Presidents up above.

Ledeni is regarded as the pioneer of trap in Slovenia and is also the author of the first trap song in the Slovenian language, the 2008 release “Sam za pikico”. “The future of Slovenian hip-hop”, as he’s been described by Val 202, has introduced playful slang, absurd exclamations, abstract flows and experimental beats with plenty of 808 juiciness to his music. He finally released his full-length debut 1100 last year, and his shows are characterised by a wild ambiance, mosh pits and the right amount of dark jesting.

To ensure a proper warm-up, local creative collectives TrashGang and Nimaš izbire will throw a pop-up party. The first has achieved global fame with urban fashion pieces, a detailed aesthetic and videos for artists such as Ghostemane, while the second will not just feature their own fashion collection, but also their music selection under the command of DJs Gabi1808 and Re3600. Entry to the pop-up in the lobby will be free.

Concert tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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