29. 07. 2019

Katedrala Hall



Celebrating 25 years of rock madness, one of the most successful British bands, Skunk Anansie, led by wild singer Skin, will finally return to Ljubljana! The band who has conquered some of the biggest stages in the world, will treat us to an intimate summer concert in our Katedrala Hall.

When the four-piece Skunk Anansie first took to the stage of a ramshackle London pub in 1994, they cut through the then-dominant Britpop scene like a knife, establishing themselves as one of the leading names in contemporary rock. Hard-hitting guitar riffs and a sincere political attitude, harshly opposed to racial, gender or any other inequality, and of course the magnificent singer Skin who handles raw rock bangers such as “Charlie Big Potato” and “Selling Jesus” with the same ease as fragile ballads such as “Hedonism” and “Weak”, have made the band global superstars over the past quarter of a century.

Since the group reformed in 2009 after a hiatus of several years, their three new albums have proven that they’re not just out to cash in on old glory, but remain an excellent band. This is especially true live, when the incredibly energetic Skin gains wings and shows why she’s regarded as one of the best frontwomen in rock. No wonder the band will mark their 25th anniversary with a live album, 25LIVE@25, charged with the authentic energy that takes over the band and the audience at every show. Throughout their career, Skunk Anansie have headlined renowned festivals such as Glastonbury, Sziget and INmusic. This time, we’ll be able to experience them in the intimacy of our hall. Summer 2019!

We’ll warm up with local rock heroes MRFY.

Tickets sold out.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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