18. 02. 2024

Kino Šiška



Shortparis, a provocative post-punk band from Russia, are finally returning to Šiška, having paved their way to millions of streams and listeners with their unique sonic manifesto, spastic dance grooves and dangerously insightful messages. On their long-awaited return, the band will present fresh material created in the electrified atmosphere of today’s world order.

FOR FANS OF: Laibach, Aigel, Lucidvox…

Shortparis brought the international audience of the MENT Ljubljana festival to its feet in 2018, then packed and blew away our Komuna Hall a year later. Since then, despite unfavourable concert conditions around the world, they’ve consolidated their reputation internationally and established themselves as one of the best, if not the best, live acts from Russia. Their ritual performances, led by charismatic frontman Nikolai Komyagin, have garnered praise in all referential media the long way round from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad, fulfilling the dreams of connoisseurs and listeners who want to hear something startlingly new. Something that, through post-Laibach conceptual musical and semantic provocation, forms a completely unique musical aesthetic, unencumbered by linguistic, cultural or political boundaries.

On their return to Šiška, we’re looking forward to a theatrical presentation of the Yablonny Sad album released last year, on which the ruins of pop, left behind by the pandemic, provided the building blocks for the band’s greatest masterpiece, as well as later EP releases NOVOE NOVOE and the brand new The Grapes of Wrath, born in the shadow of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Named after Steinbeck’s masterpiece, the 2023 release cuts with bitter anger into the conflicts that have shaken the band in recent years, both on a global socio-political level and on the more intimate level of the band’s operation and the relationships between its members. Get ready for Shortparis to cut into you as well upon their long-awaited return to Šiška – with their sound, dance, appearance and message.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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