27. 07. 2020

Café Kino Šiška

summer in Šiška 2020


free concert cycle

Samuel Blues and Miha Erič possess a stage presence built on piercing rhythms, intertwining chords and slide shows, and the tonal shouts of potent, raw, gentle and hard-hitting harmonica in a blues rock manner. The musicians are regarded as the most original and talented artists of the Slovenian rock-blues scene. If the harmonica is never quiet and the rhythm of the food with the slide guitar and raspy voice never stops, it’s undoubtedly the blues duo of Samuel Blues and Miha Erič. Simple, typically atypical.

Summer in Šiška is a series of free evening concerts, helping you chase away the summer boredom. If the weather cooperates, we’ll cool off with a refreshing drink on the summer terrace of Café Kino Šiška, and if it looks to be raining, we’ll listen to good tunes curled up on the couches in our lobby. Welcome to your Summer in Šiška!

Free entry.

Organisation: Café Kino Šiška and Kino Šiška

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